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Northern Ireland encourages children to read more
6 October 2014

Northern Ireland students participated in the 2014 PIRLS reading test and ranked No. 5. Its superior education reading achievement attracted world attention.

Northern Ireland parents and teachers called for changes in Age Requirements
6 October 2014

According to the BBC reports, Northern Ireland, parents and teachers will organize the march, the purpose is to pressure the government to modify the existing school age requirements.

Riots in Northern Ireland capital last for two days
29 August 2014

June 12th is the annual marching season for Protestants in Northern Ireland. Orange Party protesters clashed into riot with police in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland's annual Orange parade party turned into a riot. Protesters attacked riot police, resulting in injuries.

How Much Every Welfare Cutting List Have Influenced the Thousands of Family
Apr 11, 2014

The government's reform of welfare started in 2014. But the six come into effect on or after 1 April include some of the biggest and most high profile cuts, such as the Bedroom Tax, the household welfare cap, and the abolition of council tax benefit. These new reforms will take £2.3bn a year out of the pockets of some of Britain's poorest households in 2014-14 alone.
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Peter Robinson: Sinn Fein Incompatible SDLPNov. 14, 2014

Peter Robinson accused Sinn Fein of being limited to the SDLP, which caused the party to react angrily. He rounded on both nationalist parties in a impassioned speech. In addition to offending Sinn Fein, he said the SDLP was in "terminal decline". In return, Sinn Fein accused him of returning to "us and them" politics.

The First Minister was speaking at the annual dinner of the DUP's Blossomhill Branch in Co Tyrone. He said: "Even though they only have one minister in the Executive and 14 MLAs, the SDLP's capacity to unnerve Sinn Fein is quite considerable. Too often Alex Attwood's position one day is Sinn Fein's the next. Or worse still, a fear of what the SDLP will say or do can often paralyse their ability to take decisions," he argued.